Story & Vision

”I experienced that my professional clinic wear also meant a farewell to my personal style.”

With a background as a practitioner and the desire to wear a professional clinic wear was at the same time a goodbye to the possibility of a more personal and trendy look during the work day. I missed the experience of dressing in the morning – missed the variation of feeling “smart” and dress in the colors that I preferred the most. With my earlier education as a fashion designer in the baggage there was not far from thought to action and this was the start – in the fall 2020 I launched the onlineshop “style2work”.

My story became the company’s vision

You should find pleasure in opening your wardrobe in the morning and think. “What would I like to wear today” – also when it’s about your professional care and clinic wear.

The best of two worlds should be united and the list of requirements for fit, freedom of movement, comfort and fashion was long. At style2work our fundamental desire is to integrate much more fashion into our care and Clinic wear. A beautiful and elegant tailored fit and at the same time not compromising comfort. These three factors became the cornerstones of all further development of the perfect care and clinic wear.

We want to create the perfect work wear

Among a broad selection of practitioners we have thoroughly surveyed and mapped the different working positions. Based - on this we have designed our collection. It also was clear that if we wanted the elegant fitted style and create a beautiful shape in our styles it required the right textile. Our textile contains 4% elastane with exactly provides the optimal flexibility and elasticity that is required and it is also wrinkle free.

Comfort and wellness also on the hot days

Our work clothes are breathable and sweat diverting.
In our surveys we also found the requirement to stay fresh also on the hot days weighed heavily. As practitioner you are in close contact with your clients and the treatments are often of some physical nature. Therefore our textile are breathable and sweat diverting. You avoid feeling damp and warm during the day and the clinical wear appears wrinkle free even after a long work day.

Mix and match your own look or your team look

The result was a collection with much more fashion, many beautiful colors and styles that can used alone but also combined with new and exciting looks. You don’t necessarily need to be identical to appear as a team. Use the collection across styles and colors – mix and match your way to your own unique “team look” without compromising your personal style.